New Nokia internet tablet sighted, while Chinese 'me too' product expected at CES in January

Competition hots up for iPhone

The new Nokia N810 Internet Tablet has made an early appearance on gadget website Arstechnica. It features a large screen, a slide-out keyboard and built-in GPS. The site, however, reckons there’s better to come.

Elsewhere, Endagadget reports that Chinese outfit Meizu looks set to launch a device (pictured) that looks very similar to the iPhone, called the M8 MiniOne, at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show in January. The site speculates that Apple’s lawyers may be eagerly awaiting the moment this product vantures outside the confines of China.

Lastly, December should see the arrival of the latest Oqo UMPC, with journalists being invited to a ‘pre-launch product unveiling’ on December 3rd. It looks like the ulta-portable category is in the process of exploding into the mainstream.

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