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But needs to improve developer relations to level playing field with Nvidia

ATI out-performing AMD

Tech website extremetech has echoed the obvervation made by HEXUS.net at the launch of AMD’s new Spider platform: that Phenom still has some catching up to do, but the new Radeon GPUs just need better developer relations to pull the rug from under Nvidia.

The article states that, since AMD’s acquisition of ATI, it is in fact the graphics arm that has delivered the most competitive products. While the new Phenom quad core PC processor seems to be out-performed by its equivalent Intel product, the only thing that hinders the new HD 3800 series of graphics cards is their lack of optimisation in new games compared to Nvidia cards.

It concludes by saying that the first half of 2008 will be critical. As well as sorting out its developer relations, AMD will need to at least match the performance of any new products released by Nvidia in that time.

The big deadline, however, is created by the impending launch of Intel’s next generation 45nm microarchitecture, codenamed Nehalem. The article warns that, if AMD’s 45nm offering doesn’t stack up pretty well, "mindshare may be totally lost".

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