Looking to give Asus a run for its money in the super-cheap PC market

Acer may create rival for Eee PC

Tech site Digitimes has spoken to the president of Acer Taiwan, Scott Lin, who revealed that the company has created a new team to work specifically in the low-price PC market.

While many people would argue that Acer is already well established in the low-price PC sector, this announcement refers specifically to the Eee PC – the £220 mini laptop launched by Asus earlier this month.

Lin stressed that no R&D budget had been allocated yet, suggesting that Acer wasn’t yet convinced of the value of the Eee PC market. He did say, however, that he expected the Eee PC to account for as much of three per cent of all laptop shipments in 2008.

Is it just me or is that a pretty hefty chunk of market share for one model, especially from a standing start? I’m guessing Acer is already convinced of the value of the market.

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