Partnership sees the creation of a new generation of ecofriendly print products

Medea and Ninestar launch new cartridges

Medea and Ninestar have announced the launch of their new premimum ink range, EverBrite.

The EverBrite system allows users to use half the cartidge over and over again, thanks to an innovative design that only means half the cartridge, namely the ink tanks, needs replacing.

Medea also claimed that the cartridges offer performance unheard of in third-party inks, suggesting that thanks to this, aftermarket ink vendors are set to overtake the traditional OEM vendors in terms of quality and value.

It also claims that the new cartridges are so efficient that they will print up to three and a half times the pages that a similar OEM product will.

Speaking about the product launch, managing director of Medea International, Yusuf Okhai (pictured) said: "Necessity is the mother of invention. The aftermarket has the hottest talent in the industry, and has to innovate to survive. The aftermarket should be encouraged, not stifled by litigation. The printing industry does not need to worry about competitors from within – it is future technology we should all be working together to stay ahead of.

"Whilst the industry litigates, competitive future technology innovates. The aftermarket comes ‘after.’ But it is not called the ‘inferior market’ or the ‘backward market.’

"Yes, it comes after – but so does the future, and improved products. We (Medea and G&G) like to see ourselves not as players in the aftermarket, but as Pioneers of the ‘Futuremarket’. After, but never behind."

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