$1.12 billion gains recorded for fiscal third quarter

Nvidia record first Billion $+ quarter

Nvidia has reported revenues in excess of $1 billion for a single quarter for its first time ever. The billion per quarter virgins broke through the barrier by a further $12 million.

"We are very proud to have achieved our first billion dollar quarter. And, while it is a wonderful milestone to reach, we believe this is just the beginning," said NVIDIA President and CEO Jen-Hsun Huang. "Our core businesses are continuing to grow as the GPU becomes increasingly central to today’s computing experience in both the consumer and professional market segments."

To date through fiscal year 2008, Nvidia have amassed $2.90 billion in revenues. Nvidia says the cause of its record breaking result is down to a 33 per cent increase n desktop GPU products and a 120 per cent increase in mobile GPU’s.

"This is the era of visual computing and NVIDIA is at the forefront. People want a delightful, compelling experience when they interact with their computing devices, whether it’s on a phone, notebook, game console, or workstation," Huang added. "NVIDIA is leading the way in making this experience more intuitive and rewarding through our relentless pace of innovation and focus on execution."

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