Vendor announces plans to move its successful value brand into the desktop space

Asustek signals Eee PC desktop intentions

Asustek has announced that it is developing a desktop version of its Eee PC, Jonathan Tseng, president of marketing at Asustek stated earlier today.

Tseng said that the vendor knew that the computer would not include a monitor but that its other specifications, as well as pricing were still being considered.

Many hardware partners have already expressed delight at the announcement, saying that although it will be a struggle to establish it in the desktop market, they believe that they, and Asustek, will benefit regardless.

Tseng also said that the Windows XP version of the Eee PC is on track to enter the channel next month, something that he believes will push the device towards its eventual target of shipping 300,000 units by December 31st.

He, however, warned that looming component shortages could put the ability of Asustek to reach that target at risk.

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