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High-performance chipset uses 'parallelism' technology

AMD introduce Firestream 9170

AMD will be introducing a high-end chip package called Firestream. The chipset is manufactured on a 55 nanometer process. The processor board will include 2G bytes of GDDR3 RAM, a memory type designed by ATI, which reportedly consumes under 150 watts of power.

Parallelism technology, which has been in used previously by ATI and Nvidia, will appear in the new chip package. Parallelism separates computing work into tasks that are then worked on by a processor simultaneously.

The 9170 will cost a weighty $1,999, however it can potentially operate at up to 100 times the performance of a dual core Opteron, meaning that the likely clientele will, first off no doubt be using a company credit card to pay and secondly will be doing some very important work, which requires light speed results.

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