However, UK sees most units shipped with 2.9 million reaching retailers

UK PC market growth lags behind Western Europe

UK PC sales were among the lowest in Western Europe during the third quarter it has emerged, according to the latest research from Gartner.

Despite remaining one of the largest markets for PC sales, with UK retailers selling 2.9 million units during the period, driving largely by consumer demand and the back-to-school period, growth was well below the average rate across Western Europe.

In total, the United Kingdom saw growth of 13.6 per cent compared to an average across Western Europe of 17.7 per cent. The UK faired even worse compared to Germany and France with them seeing growth of 23 per cent and 18.4 per cent respectively.

German retailers sold a total of 2.7 million PCs during the third quarter, while over the border in France retailers sold a total of 2.4 million units.

In the UK, HP nudged ahead of Dell in terms of market share for the first time in four years, with the vendor accounting for 24 per cent of all PCs sold during the period, compared to just 22.8 per cent for Dell.

HP also beat Dell in terms of growth with HP seeing 24 per cent compared to Dell’s 14.5 per cent.

Ranjit Atwal, principal analyst at Gartner, said: “HP and Dell control more than 45 per cent of the UK market, and with mobile growth remaining strong, HP could extend its market share in the fourth quarter of 2007.”

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