Deal could see UK vendor liquidated or dissolved before year-end

Evesham creditors accept administration

Creditors caught up in the collapse of British computer maker Evesham Technology have accepted DTE Leonard Curtis’ suggestion to put the company into administration.

The decision, which was reached at a creditors meeting last month according to records filed at Companies House, will see the DTE Leonard Curtis continue to manage the business "with a view to achieving the statutory purposes of the administration."

The administrators said that they would, if appropriate, move the company into creditor voluntary liquidation. However, they stated that if there was no money to be distributed amongst the creditors, the company would be dissolved.

They did offer some comfort to secured creditors from within the UK channel, saying that the company may be placed into compulsory liquidation: "in circumstances where assets are still be to be realised yet there will be no return to unsecured creditors."

PC Retail, last month, reported that the company’s debts had reached £6.8 million; over £1 million of which was attributed to various channel partners.

According to JM Titley, joint administrator with DTE Leonard Curtis, the most likely fate for the company would be to move into voluntary liquidation on completion on the administration process.

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