CA revenue tops $1 billion, while WD makes $1.76 Billion

WD and CA announce profit increases

Hard drive revenues for Western Digital have amassed $1.726 Billion in revenues, while their media and substrate ales achieved $40 million. A year ago, the company reported first quarter revenue of $1.264 billion, unit shipments of 22.7 million, and net income of $103 million.

Unit shipments for the first quarter included approximately 5.9 million 2.5-inch hard drives for mobile applications and an estimated 3.7 million 3.5-inch hard drives for use with digital video recorders.

Computer Associates have also declared positive results for the fiscal year ending September 30th. Total revenues increased from $987 million to $1.067 billion for the same period one year-on-year.

CA’s acquisition of web application management vendor Wily technologies has boosted sales. According to company insiders, new management has also helped rejuvenate the company’s finances.

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