40-42 inch OLED panels to be ready by 2010?

Samsung reveals plans for OLED

Ho Kyoon Chung, executive vice president at Samsung SDI of Korea told press this week at the FPD International 2007 of how a timeline has been set for the company’s OLED development programme.

He said, "OLED panels have opened the new era of organic optoelectronics. Not only displays but also new applications such as OLED lighting systems, organic electro-luminescent power generators and organic sensors will emerge in the near future."

"In the mobile display industry, the shift from monochrome to color displays formed the first wave, the realization of high-resolution TFT panels made the second wave and active matrix OLED panels will be the third wave," Chung said. "The OLED panel market will grow to US$3.7 billion in 2010."

"We will provide a flexible OLED display by 2012 at the latest," he added.

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