Launch of 8800 GT raises the mid-level desktop GPU bar again

Nvidia trumps its own bestseller

Not content with having the one of the most popular graphics cards in recent years in the form of the 8800 GTS 320, Nvidia has decided to launch a new card, at the same mid-level price point, that out-performs it.

The 8800 GT appears to be getting nothing but good reviews and raises the bar again for ATI ahead of their own mid-level launch, codenamed RV670. It seems that the launch will effectively render the GTS 320 obsolete, but it is still expected to sell well for a bit.

The board-partner community was raring to go and PC Retail received press releases announcing 8800 GT launches from MSI, Gigabyte and BFG (pictured) before even Nvidia’s one. It appears that the 112 stream processors on the GT compared the the GTS 320’s 96 are the key upgrade.

BFG’s marketing manager Graham Brown believes the 8800 GT offers the best ‘bang-per-buck’ out there. "The BFG 8800 GT offers the perfect combination of price, power and performance for extreme high definition gaming." he told PC Retail. "This card is going to be a extremely popular as there is no match to date when comparing the performance that you gain for the price that you pay."

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