Also, iPhone sales limited to two per customer

Leopard gives Mac users the blues

Leopard, Apples new operating system, is reportedly playing copycat with Microsoft’s, much-loathed ‘blue screen of death’. Reports doing the rounds on a handful of tech websites, suggest that, following the OS installation on Macs, an upgrade screen appears, from which point the system will grind to a halt and display nothing but an endless blue.

Support forums are abuzz with threads full of disgruntled Leopard users, some of which offer solutions, however several others are complaining that following being told to wait – have left their machines on for hours before coming to the realisation that the Mac has crashed. It seems to only be Mac users complaining so far, because surprise surprise, the system has been hacked to work with PC’s, on the same day as the launch.

Additionally in Apple-land, an announcement has been made that Sales of the iPhone will now be limited to only two per customer. The move is seen as a method to curb bulk buys, which will inevitably be unlocked and sold on. Customers are no longer allowed to pay cash for the iPhone and only debit/credit will now be accepted.

The rumour mill suggests that there are currently 250,000 iPhone owners who already have, or have intent to unlock the phone.

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