Forecasts 25 million units shipped and announces plans for Gateway repositioning

Acer announces 2008 plans

Acer has announced its strategy for 2008 at its recent Q3 conference in Taipai, saying that it aims to ship 25 million units worldwide, as well as its plans for the Gateway brand.

Speaking at the conference, Acer’s president, Gianfranco Lanci said: "We believe for the PC industry, it is very important to [expand] scale to survive."

He also said that in Acer’s major markets, such as Europe and the US, both Acer and Gateway continue to be sold, while the positioning of other territories and brands would be announced in March.

As part of the repositioning announced at the conference, Lanci said that Gateway would increase its output of notebook computers while decreasing its production of desktops. "Gateway’s problem in the US is that it mainly sells desktops, but the notebook is the fastest growing segment."

Lanci, however, warned that the channel would see no changes until the first quarter of next year due to the period of time it can take to create new products source products.

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