Vista adoption by OEM manufacturers sees more memory in PCs

1GB DDR2 RAM now industry standard

Increased adoption of Vista by OEM manufacturers has seen the standard DRAM module size increase for the first time to 1GB DDR2, according to DRAMeXchange.

The website has said that due to all premium versions of Microsoft’s new operating system requiring at least 1GB DRAM to run, OEM vendors have been forced to up the amount of RAM they install to meet requirements.

The news comes as the price of DDR2 chips running at 667Mhz fell 12.5 per cent, hitting a new low of $2.63 each.

"We do not expect memory chip makers to show any improvement in profitability at least until [the second half of 2008] unless there is stabilization or a recovery in pricing," said Warren Lau, chip industry analyst at Macquarie Research.

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