However, HD DVD format is predicted to retake the lead thanks to stronger Xmas line-up

Blu-ray outsells rival for first time in nine months

The high definition DVD battle seems to be gradually dying down as Sony’s Blu-ray format appears to have established itself as the current market leader. Blu-ray has sold 2.6 million units since January, while the HD-DVD format has managed just over half of that figured, only shifting 1.4 million discs sold in the nine months between January and September.

The research, carried out by Home Media Research Magazine, will come as a blow to Microsoft and film studios, Time Warner who have backed the HD-DVD format exclusively. However, it’s not all doom and gloom, Transformers the movie demonstrated how turbulent this market can be by shifting 100,000 HD-DVD’s on the first day of release alone.

The HD-DVD market is predicted (by Adams Media Research) to regain some ground on it’s rival during the 18 months, in which Paramount and Dreamworks are tied to the format via a contract penned in August.

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