Apple surpasses HP's market value; doubles of Dell's worth

Jobs: ‘Mac is outpacing the industry’

Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO has claimed that his company and the Mac is: "outpacing the industry."

The claim comes on the back of two reports by market research companies in the US that suggest Apple will move into third place behind HP and Dell in terms of product shipments today, when it reports its earnings later today.

"The Macintosh has a lot of momentum now. It is outpacing the industry," said Jobs in a phone interview last week. His comments came as Apple prepares to launch its latest operating system, Leopard, this Friday.

"I’m quite pleased with the pace of new operating systems every 12 to 18 months for the foreseeable future," he said. "We’ve put out major releases on the average of one a year, and it’s given us the ability to polish and polish and improve and improve," said Jobs.

However, several analysts have said that they believe the new OS’ release will only have a minimal impact on sales of Apple Macs.

The news follows reports that Apple’s market value has now past double that of Dell’s, almost ten years to the day that Michael Dell made his famous comment that Steve Jobs should shut down Apple and return the money to the shareholders.

Apple is now worth an estimated $400 billion, more than market leader HP; a figure it pasted last month.

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