Five hi-def films to be bundled with 360 HD-DVD drive until January

Five free HD-DVDs for 360 buyers

As rumours emerge that a possible new HD-DVD equipped Xbox 360 may already be in the works, Microsoft has announced that it is offering five free HD-DVD movies to anyone who buys the Xbox 360 HD-DVD drive between now and the end of January.

Purchasers will be able to choose five free titles from a total selection of 13, including Serenity, World Trade Centre, Troy, Full Metal Jacket, The Chronicles of Riddick Children of Men and Corpse Bride.

The peripheral will include a form where films can be selected, and Microsoft will dispatch the movies within 28 days of receipt.

Considering the high street price, PC Retail calculates that five HD DVD’s equates to roughly the same price tag as the drive itself, meaning you will be paying nothing for the drive.

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