New operating system due to hit retailer shelves on October 26th

Apple announces Leopard date

Apple has confirmed that its next generation of operating system, Leopard, will hit retail shelves on October 26th.

Apple had previously delayed the launch of the operating system so that the company could shift resources to the iPhone. However, now that the company has launched it, it has been able to focus on completing and bringing the OS to retail.

The new operating system is squarely aimed at personal media users, a point echoed by Gartner analyst, Mike McGuire: "[Apple’s new software is] focused at the individual who has an increasingly large media library, whether it’s songs, photos or videos."

The OS also includes Boot Camp as standard, as well as a new feature called Time Machine, which lets Mac users find and retrieve previously deleted documents.

The operating system will be available from the Apple store and authorised Apple resellers from October 26th.

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