Smaller read-heads equals up to 4TB storage by 2011

Hitachi will quadruple HDD capacity

Hitachi GST (Global Storage Technologies) has managed to shrink read-heads to as little as 30nm, which will allow them to quadruple current capacity limits – currently reckoned by Hitachi to be 1TB and 250GB for desktop and laptop drives, respectively.

The technology, catchily named ‘current perpendicular-to-the-plane giant magnetoresistive1’ (CPP-GMR), is expected to be implemented in shipping products in 2009 and reach its full potential in 2011. Hitachi expects it to supplant the so-last-decade tunnel-magnetoresistive (TMR2) technology currently being used.

"Hitachi continues to invest in deep research for the advancement of hard disk drives as we believe there is no other technology capable of providing the hard drive’s high-capacity, low-cost value for the foreseeable future," said Hiroaki Odawara, research director, Storage Technology Research Center, Central Research Laboratory, Hitachi.

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