Do you want the good news or the bad news?

Dell on a rollercoaster

Dell CEO Michael Dell has claimed that allegations by Microsoft that Linux violates its software patent, have not affected sales of its Linux-based hardware. What’s more Dell said that his company has experienced uptake in Linux servers increase at greater pace than Windows server products.

But it’s not all good news coming from the Dell camp, analysts say Dell server prospects are looking grim going into 2008. In a recent study conducted by Robert W.Baird &Co, 58 per cent said they believed Dell as a server vendor to experience a decline in the next three to six months. Further adding insult to injury, the number of VARs planning to stock less Dell produce has increased.

Finally in this mixed bag of Dell news, images and specifications of the long awaited tablet have been leaked to unofficial Dell blog This follows a sketchy video demonstration released a long while ago, which didn’t specify the machines components or capabilities.

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