Pyramid Distribution says Microsoft should offer more assistance to prevent companies from "falling into the trap"

Parallel importer says Microsoft should do more

Following its high court settlement with Microsoft for selling software deemed to have been parallel imported, Pyramid Distribution MD James Cooke has spoken to PC Retail to say he thinks Microsoft could do more to prevent companies like his unwittingly selling product they shouldn’t.

"We believe more assistance is needed from Microsoft to assist companies like Pyramid Distribution from falling into the trap of unknowingly dealing in software, which has been parallel imported," he said.

Parallel importing involves buying products in countries where the the selling price is lower then the UK, then selling them on in the UK. While admitting culpability, Cooke defended his right to cut prices. "Microsoft criticised us for selling imported goods at reduced prices, however, Pyramid remains fully committed to offering its customers the lowest prices around, within the ambit of the law," he said.

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