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$100 million in revenue achieved in nine months

Novell Linux business grows 243 per cent

Novell has announced that its Linux business has seen 243 per cent growth over the previous nine months. The lucrative boom in revenues is likely down to the collaboration with Microsoft in November, where both companies signed an agreement to make their software compatible.

Steve Harris, senior sales director for open source at Novell, said: "This [sales increase] is public endorsement that our joint engineering efforts are already paying dividends to customers operating in a mixed environment, which, by the way, is pretty much all Linux users today. It helps us to maintain momentum and our investments in this collaboration work, which will continue to drive growth in our Linux business worldwide."

It is the interoperability between Linux and Windows that "is really receiving a lot of customer interest right now", Harris said.

During September, the two companies announced they would form a joint development lad in Massachusetts, designed primarily to develop cross platform compatibility, including advances in virtualisation technology.

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