Researcher reports that the format war is turning consumers off buying

Next-gen DVD players won’t take off for 18 months

Sales of next-generation DVD players are not likely to see a significant boost for another 18 months according to a study by Forrester Research.

The study claims that consumers are still so disorientated by the format war that they are scared of when confronted by the options.

The report states that the formats have: "been fighting what seems to be a war of attrition for consumers’ hearts and minds."

It adds that it looks as if Blu-ray will eventually become the dominant brand, yet at present it is too expensive. HD DVD has now dropped into a price band that consumers are comfortable with.

Blu-ray needs to offer a viable hardware model at the $250 price point by Christmas 2007," said analysts J.P Gownder, in the report. "The Blu-ray camp must also stave off further studio defections, and employ more aggressive promotional tactics to counter HD DVD’s recent momentum." Forrester said typical owners of high-definition televisions are not willing to pay more than $200 on average for a new HD DVD or Blu-ray player.

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