Globalization Institute suggests operating systems should be sold separately to encourage competition and innovation

EU think-tank: ‘Unbundle Windows from PCs’

Unbundling Windows from PCs is the only was to break Microsoft’s monopoly on operating systems is the message from the Globalization Institute, a Brussels-based European Union think tank.

The group put forwards its recommendations to the EU earlier this week, adding that it sees no reason why PCs couldn’t follow a similar model to hard drives and processors, which are sold without an OS, but still comply to standards designed to ensure broad compatibility with other components and software.

It argued that such a policy would lead to increased competition within the OS market and allow for increased innovation. It’s something that the group believes the EU is look for, especially in the wake of its victory in the European Courts against Microsoft for abusing its monopolistic position.

"For two decades, Microsoft has enjoyed monopolistic power in the operating system market. The Competition Commissioner has signalled the desire to see more competition in this sector. Unbundling would foster a competitive market, increase consumer choice and reduce prices," said the Globalization Institute report.

If adopted, the law would not just affect Windows but also Apple’s Mac computers, meaning it would be unable to bundle OSX with its computers and leaving its hardware open to running Windows as well as Linux.

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