Minimum cost of iPhone ownership on O2 contract is ?900

British media unconvinced by iphone value for money

The Times and The Telegraph have slated Apple and Steve Jobs for his optimistic outlook on UK residents disposable income. It seems the apple head honcho thinks that £900 is small change to the typical UK consumer as well as stating he believes that the costs of business are much higher in the UK, thus trying to diguise the astronomical profit he stands to reap from the iPhone in the UK.

The final bill for those on an o2 contract will come to approximately a third more than that of AT&T in the US. Getting ripped off is something the UK has had to get used to, for example the additional 24p those downloading individual songs from iTunes in the UK have to pay, compared to those in Jobs’s homeland.

The Times article states that the total value of music sold at retail last year added up to £1.75 Billion, six per cent of which was digital sales. It went on to assume that the market dominant Apple represented 4 per cent of that 6 per cent, meaning it took £43.9 million from UK iTunes users. If the company had been charging at its US rate of 55p per song, it would only have grossed £30.6 million.

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