Patch fixes all known problems as well as removing compatibility with legacy formats for security reasons

Microsoft releases SP3 for Office 2003

Microsoft has released the third service pack for its Office 2003 productivity suite fixing a multitude of issues.

According to the Inquirer’s Andrew Thomas: "The pack weighs in at 108MB and contains a couple of new security updates along with every fix, kludge and tweak previously issued for the suite. Other changes include removal of support for reading and saving legacy versions of apps like Coreldraw and Quattro, as well as older versions of Office, in the interests of security.

Fast Save in Word also heads for the gulag due to its propensity to include metadata containing content that you may not want to share with other people when you distribute the document electronically. Fast Saved documents may still contain text or comments that have been deleted from a document after saving it, causing potential embarrassment."

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