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Fake news site hints SP1 will install XP

Microsoft release SP1?

Joke news site BBspot has hinted that it expects Vista service pack one to contain an installation of XP. The site "quotes" a Microsoft source, said to be development chief, Greg Elston.

"We’re focused on giving the customer what they want, and want they want is to just go back to XP," said Elston.

Elston said not only will the move improve customer satisfaction with Vista, but will allow the company to focus resources on the next operating system instead of the flailing Vista. "We can move people off of Vista development now, and move them to Windows 7 development," said Elston. "That should allow us to only delay Windows 7 by thirteen months past its scheduled date instead of the planned eighteen."

Some customers complained about paying for Vista when all they’ll end up with is XP, which they had already. Elston said that "if people read the license agreement they’ll see this is perfectly within our rights. Anyway, we’re calling it Vista XP, so it is new in a way."

Elston also added that if people complain too much they’ll just revert to Windows ME.

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