Otellini announces Q1 2008 for chipset release as Moore's Law's demise dated

IDF San Francisco: Intel announces Penryn date

Intel has announced the date that it intends to launch its upcoming Penryn-based processors at this year’s American IDF 2007 event, currently taking place in San Francisco.

Intel’s CEO, Paul Otellini said that the 45nm chipsets would appear in: "server and high-end desktop products," during Q1 2008. He didn’t expand further on the point.

He did however go on to show off the first ever chip produced on a 32nm die. "There’s a 291-megabit SRAM array of die on here. Each die is 1.9 billion – that’s with a B – billion transistors. That’s pretty amazing capability," he said. The technology is expected to go into mass production in 2009.

Gordon Moore also revealed at the event that he believes that Moore’s Law, the concept regulating advancement within the microchip industry, will be redundant within ten to 15 years. He named the finite space on chips and the likelihood that transistors would fill that space in the given time as the main reasons for his assertation.

On a lighter note, The Inquirer’s Mike Magee asked Intel’s Otellini whether it had any intentions of launching a triple-core offering in a similar vein to AMD’s recently announced chip to which he replied: "We see a distinctive advantage in having all the cores on one die work."

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