?269 and due in O2 and Carphone Warehouse stores on November 9th

iPhone launches in UK

Steve Jobs has announced the details for the launch of the iPhone in the UK.

It will arrive in the UK on the 9th of November and set back customers £269 in addition to an 18-month contract starting at £35 a month.

The tariffs will include unlimited data surfing as well as access to the UK’s largest single public Wi-Fi network, covering over 7,500 cafes, restaurants, airport lounges, pubs and other locations across the UK.

Apple also revealed that in order to register an iPhone, owners would need to have a PC or Mac with the latest version of iTunes installed as well as an Internet connection and a major credit card.

"We are coming to the UK and wanted to pick the best carrier and that is O2," Apple boss Steve Jobs said at a news conference in London.

The Carphone Warehouse will also be participating in the selling of the iPhone with it placing an iPhone ‘expert’ in each of its 1300 stores.

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