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Sansa View offers twice the storage of the iPod nano

Sandisk launches new flash player

The Sansa View is described as a video MP3 player, with the USP apparently being "full-motion video support typically found in larger portable media players." It also offers double the capacity of the equivalently priced nanos.

Expected to be available in October, the Sansa View will carry a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $199.99 for a 16GB flash-based player and $149.99 for the 8GB, The nanos come in 8GB and 4GB capacities for the same respective prices.

"The Sansa View is a new video MP3 player that combines all of the great characteristics of a MP3 player with the video capabilities of a PMP, and packs it into a pocketable device," said Eric Bone, vice president of marketing for SanDisk’s Sansa audio/video product line. "What’s more, we’re once again showing that category-leading technology can still be very affordable."

These are expected to be available in the UK in October, but early indications are that Sandisk is going to go for the all to familiar 1:1 dollar:pound exchange rate. If this is the case then it’s hard to see how it hopes to compete with the new nano, which is priced at £129/£99.

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