Latest distributor to offer improved credit terms

Enta fights credit crunch

Today’s globalised market means bad mortgage loans in the U.S. can have an immediate effect on the availability in the UK. With this apparently in mind, Enta Technologies has loosened the credit terms for its Account Card customers.

The revised terms provide resellers with up to 60 days interest-free credit instead of the previous 45 days and more flexible payment terms that enable a number of methods to be used in addition to direct debit facilities. The move comes hot on the heels of C2000 offering extra credit to smaller reseller customers.

Launched in October 2005, the Enta Account Card has been a success with over 250 resellers joining the programme. The new terms and conditions should make it even more popular, says Jon Atherton, Group Vice President at Enta Technologies. "Our Enta Account card is all about giving our customers the flexibility with their cashflow that many of the smaller businesses crave. By offering such great terms we help our customers and they in turn appreciate the value this brings to them and encourages them to continue bringing their custom to us."

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