Technology promises high-speed wireless transfers over short distances

New extremely high frequency wi-fi emerges

Scientists at the Georgia Electronics Design Center have developed a method of transferring high amounts of data using the extremely high-frequency radio waves at 60GHz over short distances.

The group, led by Professor Joy Laskar [pictured], discovered the technique for using the 60GHz extra-high frequency, which belongs to the group normally used for radio astronomy to transfer data over the unlicensed band. The technology currently has a range of 33 feet and is likely to complement other wireless technologies such as wi-fi and Bluetooth if it makes it to market.

It is still in its experimental stage, but has emerged as a rival to UWB short-range communications technology. It is expected the first UWB-enhanced technology will begin arriving in 2009, with the first UWB TVs arriving in 2010.

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