Environmental concerns less important to consumers than the dimensions of the set

IFA 2007: Size matters when it comes to TVs

Consumers are shunning, according to a new report, environmentally friendly features and instead focusing on other things such as the size of the screen on the latest TVs.

Reuters reveals that those consumers it has spoken to said that they did not care about the environmental aspects of the new technology despite many modern LCD and Plasma TVs consuming three to four times the amount of electricity as the largest CRTs.

IFA visitor Frank Schmitz summed up the madness of continually trying to build bigger screens which are more consuming than smaller screens, while evangelising about their environmental credentials when he told Reuters: "I saw one big one showing images of the Arctic and the melting ice caps, and I thought: This is a bit ironic, because probably it is part of the problem."

Plasma TVs were also under pressure at the event with recent research by iSuppli showing that LCD-based TVs are outselling Plasma-based ones by a ratio of four-to-one. It also said that it believes that the ratio will leap to seven-to-one.

Hiro Wada, who is in charge of planning for visual products at Panasonic, believes Plasma can hold its own against LCD and maintain at least 30 per cent of the market for the next couple of years, especially with regards to TVs over 37-inches.

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