As tweaks to Windows Home Server OS by Microsoft cause delay to vendors hardware

HP launches Linux-based PC

HP has launched its first Linux-based computer in Australia.

The PC, which comes with the Red Hat flavour of the open source operating system, is a HP dx2250 low-end business desktop system, which can be customised with a selection of AMD processors, up to 2GB of RAM, up to a 250GB hard drive and a selection of optical drives.

The system is on sale in Australia at AU$600 (£245).

The news comes as HP also announced that it would be delaying the launch of its Windows Home Server to give Microsoft time to tweak issues that are being experienced with the new operating system.

According to a statement issued by Microsoft: "[We have] identified a number of ways to make the product even better since the initial release [to partners]." HP confirmed that it would be delaying the launch of its system by 75 to 120 days to allow Microsoft time to make the changes.

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