AMD releases extension to x86 instruction set, SSE5 as it gears up to launch new processor

Fusion to arrive in 2009

AMD’s technical director of marketing and sales for EMEA has confirmed that the microprocessor firm will be launching its combined CPU/GPU in 2009.

AMD also announced that it has released its extension of the x86 instruction set, SS35, aimed at helping code to run quicker and more efficiently boosting performance.

The instruction set, which is being released to developers in order for them to be able to get their heads around the new possibilities that it allows them, is designed to speed up performance and increase efficiency especially in programs that rely on heavy use of both the CPU and GPU such as video games and audio-visual editing and rendering software.

AMD hopes that the combination of both the CPU and GPU on the same chip as well as improvements in performance and efficiency that SSE5 affords will give a huge boost not only to the abilities of the chip, but also its sales.

"Chip advancements and software improvements go hand-in-hand, to the benefit of consumers and enterprises alike," said Phil Hester, senior vice president and chief technology officer, AMD. "The impact of our designs are best realized when AMD-based servers, PCs and devices enable software to more effectively solve every-day problems and enhance every-day experiences."

"By announcing our plans to add SSE5 instructions to the x86 instruction set ─ and by making the specification available today ─ we are enabling open and collaborative software innovation that will bring AMD’s advancements to life for our customers and end-users."

The move reflects current industry trends from both Intel and AMD away from only talking about the clock speed and towards improving efficiency and performance of their chips.

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