?while earning himself a $30,000 set of wheels and three more iPhones to play with

iPhone hacker whips up a storm?

The New Jersey based 17-year-old responsible for hacking into the iPhone for what is believed to be the first time, has earned himself a brand new Nissan roadster for his efforts. Meanwhile AT&T, the iPhone exclusive network, has allegedly had its lawyers contact a website, which is speculated to own the coding able to unlock iPhones without any phone modification.

Iphoneunlocking.com claims they have recently discovered an ‘easy to use’ unlocking code and would release it for a fee. The firm representing AT&T warned that among other legal technicalities, the website could be held liable for infringing copyrights and found to be illegally distributing software.

George Hotz, 17, apparently hacked the iPhone to work on the T-mobile network, prior to posting a full step by step guide to unlocking on his blog, iphonejtag.blogspot.com. His technique did involve a little reworking with a soldering gun, so unless you’re desperate for a multi-network compatible iPhone, it might be worth hanging on until iphoneunlocking.com has consulted its lawyers on distributing their code.

It is believed Apple will still have time to alter the iPhone, ahead of the European launch, to counter the hackers efforts.

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