Epic's vice president says that next-gen console games have saved DirectX 10

Rein – ‘PC must thank consoles’

Epic’s Mark Rein, speaking to journalists at this year’s Game Convention currently taking place in Leipzig, has told of his belief that the current generation of consoles have saved DirectX 10.

Speaking to tech-site Fudzilla, he said that the PC games market has to be thankful to consoles. He continued saying that many of the graphical improvements and effects being used in PC games today, effects that rely on DX10, are being spurred on developers pushing the Unreal engine on consoles.

It’s something that is supported by distributors that PC Retail has spoken to. "We’re currently seeing graphic card sales increase thanks in part to the advances that DX10 offers gamers," said Spire Technology’s graphics card brand manager Scott Fraser. "In particular, the [Nvidia] 8600 GT has wiped the floor with older DX9 cards."

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