Gartner warns that home networking need to be made simple to install

Analyst: ‘Wireless networks too dificult to set up’

Analysts firm Gartner, has suggested to vendors that the need to produce home networking kits that computer illiterates can install has become critical to further wireless penetration.

Van Baker, a research vice-president at Gartner said that much of the available technology has not served consumers as well as it could.

Baker tells the BBC: "Mention WPA or encryption or SSID or DHCP and you have lost the vast majority of consumers already," he said. "Most of them are not going to deal with that level of complexity and knowledge."

"What we need is a home networking technology that extends the home electronics value proposition in which we go to the store, look at the products, decide what we want, bring it home, plug it in and it works," he added.

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