Henri Richard to leave by September 8th

AMD’s head of sales and marketing steps down

Tech website Hexus.net has revealed that Henri Richard, head of sales and marketing and right-hand man to AMD boss Hector Ruiz, has had his resignation accepted and will step down in September.

The news comes hot on the heels of the resignation of the head of the ATI side of things: Dave Orton, and a sequence of poor financial results following the acquisition of ATI and Intel’s successful Core 2 CPU launches.

Speaking to PC Retail, Hexus director of communications and strategy Paul Dutton said: "At the tail end of June, before the resignation of Dave Orton, I said that Itís long been obvious to HEXUS that AMD is floundering badly. It seems likely to continue haemorrhaging money because of ill-considered decisions high up in the decision-making process."

"Sacking your peers is always hard but we reckon that if AMD’s shareholders are ever to get value from the new and much-enlarged combine, then top people need to ‘grow a pair’, pull out the corporate-class firing-shears and begin some much-needed pruning at director level – and above."

The precise reasons for Orton’s and Richard’s departures may never become clear, but there is bound to be speculation about whether they jumped or were pushed, and what this means for the future of AMD.

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