Inspiron and Latitude laptop and desktop lines also affected by production problems

Dell announces further delays

Dell has acknowledged that problems with delayed hardware are not restricted to its XPS M1330 laptop – after it emerged that US customers were having orders cancelled due to FTC laws concerning mail order trading.

The problems became apparent after several buyers contacted Dell’s customer service department to complain that orders they had been waiting for weeks and even months were being cancelled.

Dell responded to complaints via its official blog Direct2Dell, however, subsequently let slip that the XPS M1130 laptop was not the only Dell product that was suffering from production problems. It revealed that its Inspiron and Latitude laptop and desktop lines were also affected.

"One of the laws that the FTC enforces is the Mail Order Rule, which requires us to obtain your permission to proceed with processing your order when it has been delayed more than once," Dell’s digital media manager, Lionel Menchaca said. "If we do not obtain your permission to proceed, we must cancel the order to be in compliance with the law."

"Understandably, I’m getting lots of comments and direct e-mails related to delays of XPS M1330 notebooks, Inspiron and Latitude notebooks, and some of our Vostro products," Menchaca said.

"I want to apologize to all of you for the frustration these delays are causing. I also want to assure you that we’re doing everything we can to ship your orders," he added.

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