A further 16 per cent of PC owners are clueless as to what defragmentation is

42 per cent of PC users don’t defragment

According to a survey by market research company, Vizu Corp, Over 42 per cent of PC users don’t regularly defrag their hard drives. 26 per cent of users said they had never even tried to defragment their hard drives.

Of those interviewed a further 16 per cent were oblivious to defragmentation and what its purpose is. Of those who do defragment their machines 44.9 per cent use the operating systems tool, while a tiny 13.1 per cent choose to use a standalone utility.

Defragmenting a hard drive regularly gives a much faster disk access speed, while freeing up storage space. As a result of increasing application and operating system demands defragmentation is more important than ever for the modern PC.

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