The rival of the rival is my friend as Sun and IBM announce joint plans

Server specialists join forces

Sun and IBM have announced plans to co-operate on some server technologies with the aim of putting pressure on long term rival, Hewlett-Packard.

The collaboration, which was announced yesterday will see Sun’s Solaris operating system to run on IBM built servers. The agreement will initially see Solaris refined for IBM’s commercial servers but the hope is that one day, the operating system will be made to run on IBM’s mainframe computers.

Sun’s chief executive, Jonathan Schwartz, referred to it as a "comprehensive relationship", one that "represents a tectonic shift in the market landscape."

However, Annex Research analyst, Bob Djurdjevic said that he believes it could be the start of something far more significant and that it could eventually lead to Californian-based Sun being acquired by its older and much larger rival.

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