Samsung claims new fuel cell can power a notebook for a month

Samsung can go for a month

Samsung has engineered a fuel cell that it claims is capable of lasting double the length of time of the current longest lasting battery.

It is speculated that the cell may be able to endure a month of use before running out of juice. The cell is a 1200 watt-hour direct methanol fuel cell, which converts methanol to water to give a DC output.

They are expected to be a hit with people on the move who cannot find time to repeatedly charge their notebooks.

Samsung similarly announced in March that it expected to use fuel cells for mobile phones. The fuel cells can be recharged and will offer more energy than batteries, meaning they would be best suited to cope with power guzzling devices with bright screens and constant multimedia use.

An additional selling point that is likely to boost sales of the cells, is green credentials, water is the only by-product of the cells, thus eliminating the heavy metals and acids that sit in conventional batteries.

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