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New processor platform due to arrive on November 11th

Intel announces Penryn launch date

Intel has announced that its upcoming quad-core-based Xeon processor platform, Penryn will launch on November 11th.

Seven new ‘Harpertown’ based models will arrive, ranging from 2.0 to 3.16 GHz. Intel’s reseller webpage reports that standard ‘E’ bin as well as performance ‘X’ bin processors will launch on the same day.

The Penryn based Intel Xeon processors start at $209 (£104) for the EE5405 entry-level processor, while the top of the range X5460 is available at $1,172 (£620).

Intel plans to launch two ‘L’ model processors in early 2008, which will be low-power users. The ‘E’ processors feature 80-watt TDP ratings, while the ‘X’ bin processors use 120 watts of electricity.

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