Alleged 390 per cent faster data transfers

Asus announces new server board

A new server board has been announced by Asus. The vendor has launched the P5M2-E/4L server board, which under tests has shown that the Quad-LAN of the P5M2-E/4L can improve transferring performances up to 390 per cent in comparison to a single LAN.

Four ports can be found for use in individual sub-nets to provide secure data and smoother transfers. The four ports provide almost four times the transferring bandwidth. Even if an error occurs to one port, Asus claims the networking connection will not be affected.

Asus said: "The P5M2-E/4L can be used in a Virtual Tape Library, since hard disk storage is lower in cost, higher in backup & recovery speed, and gradually replacing tape cartridge backup."

Windows and Linux OS users can expect to save money as a result especially when compared to an expensive SATA card. The P5M2-E/4L can store more than 4TB, with reliable data protection.

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