Companies claim up to $300 to $500 savings on Microsoft office software

Novell and IBM announce cheaper desktops

IBM and Novell announced on Tuesday two agreements designed to aid the company’s open-source products.

Novell’s desktop Linux is included along with other open source products. The two companies have developed a desktop software bundle, which they claim could save users $300 to $500 when compared to Microsoft’s offerings. The "open collaboration client" consists of Lotus Notes 8, instant messaging and IBM’s Lotus lightweight productivity applications.

According to tech website Cnet, Novell said it plans to distribute and support IBM’s open-source Java application server and offer it as an alternative to JBoss.
Following the announcement, Novell hopes to see consumers using WebSphere Applications with the Suse Linux Enterprise Server. The package is expected to provide migration tools to support files from JBoss applications.

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