New 20 and 24-inch iMac designs launched, but life isn’t all sweet for Apple

Fresh Apples on the tree

Apple has launched a new line of iMacs in both 20 and 24-inch screen sizes. The new machines come with Intel Core Duo processors and a new sleek aluminium keyboard. The 20 inch, 2.0GHz, model retails for £799, £200 less than previously, and the 24 inch model now starts at £1,349, also £200 less than the previous model. A 20 inch, 2.4GHz iMac is also available at £949.

"This new iMac is the most incredible desktop computer we’ve ever made," said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO, his appetite for hyperbole fresh as ever. "Our new design features the innovative use of materials, including professional-grade aluminium and glass, that are highly recyclable." Optionally, Mac users can add an Apple wireless keyboard and wireless mouse, to offer a cable-free desktop.

Confusingly, the Apple press release says “The iMac line features ATI’s Radeon HD 2600 PRO with 256MB of GDDR3 memory and the ATI Radeon HD 2400 XT with 128MB of GDDR3 memory.” We assume that means the better card is in the more expensive model. They also come with 1TB of storage.

However, in other Apple news, it’s in court, again, yes again. This time SP Technologies has sued the company over copyright infringement on its iPhone touch keyboard. SP tech claims that a patent it filed in 2000 on a similar touch keyboard has been copied for the iPhone. SP Tech is attempting to obtain an injunction prohibiting Apple from selling the iPhone.

Following the last apple litigation story reported on PC Retail, regarding rap artist Eminem shaking Apple’s money tree, we received some constructive criticism from the Apple fanboy community.

We particularly enjoyed this one from David: " This is the most baseless lawsuit filed in ages! Yet you continue, along with your mindless cohorts in ‘web journalism’, to give this story life. This, of course, puts you on the same level as the brain-dead litigant. Do you really get paid for this crap?" Yes David, we do, not much though.

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