150 employees made redundant but Chairman insists it will continue trading

Evesham confirms it’s in administration

Evesham Technology Chairman Richard Austin (pictured) confirmed what had already been widely suspected. “Evesham Technology went into administration on Friday 3rd August,” he said in a statement.

"The company now known as GeeMore Technology Ltd will continue trading as Evesham Technology," he said. "As it stands 138 people are still employed here at Evesham. Although we are all very sad that we have to continue trading without valuable, long standing Evesham staff, we will continue to trade in the UK."

Austin left no doubt as to where he places the blame for Evesham’s predicament. “It’s no secret that Evesham Technology has been going through some financial difficulties having not been able to replace lost revenue of £30 million which was wiped off of the company’s turnover following the decision made by the Government to axe the HCI (Home Computer Initiative) at short notice," he said.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson at DTE Leonard Curtis confimed that its Bury office had been appointed as administrator on Friday. A former Evesham employee contacted PC Retail to say that he had received a letter from them, terminating his contract as of August 3rd and suggesting he contact the "Govt Funds programme" for monies due to him from Evesham.

As yet, DTE Leonard Curtis has no comment on the trading status of Evesham, but Austin concluded his statement by saying: “We would like to reassure all of our customers that they will continue to receive support from Evesham and that their existing warranties will continue to be handled with Evesham’s award winning service, as before.”

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