iPhone customer files lawsuit against Apple over claims of mis-selling

Another day another lawsuit for Apple

Even before the launch of the iPhone, Apple had lawsuits pending. The Cisco/Apple debate over who owns the right to the iPhone name was one of the first headaches for Steve Jobs, which was later settled out of court following the release of Apple’s iPhone.

The most recent lawsuit comes in the form of an iPhone customer who has filed a class-action lawsuit claiming he was mis-sold the iPhone. Apple claims that the iPhone will still retain 80 per cent of its charge cycle after 400 charges, however one customer isn’t sufficiently satisfied that the charge life does match 400 and is also unhappy with the alternatives to replacing a defective battery.

Jose Trujillo claims in the suit that: “Unknown to the Plaintiff, and undisclosed to the public, prior to purchase, the iPhone is a sealed unit with its battery soldered on the inside of the device so that it cannot be changed by the owner.”

The suit goes on state: “The battery enclosed in the iPhone can only be charged approximately 300 times before it will be in need of replacement, necessitating a new battery annually for owners of the iPhone.”

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